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more tangible cooperation results will be achieved.Stressing the importance ▓of maintaining and enhancing political mutual trust, Xi called on both sides to put their words of respecting each ▓other's sovereignty, territorial integrity, core interests ▓and major concerns into actions.The two countries should facilitate exchanges between their legislative bodi▓es, political parties and armed forces, and support the central and local departments in strengthening exchan▓ges, Xi said, calling for stre

ngthened cooperation ▓on cybersecurity and counter-terrorism.The Chinese president called for further cooperation on large-scale projects, saying that China is ready to deepen the entire▓ industrial chain cooperation with France in the nuclear ▓energy fie

ld, encourage China's enterprises to explore ▓new cooperation with France not only within the two ▓countries, bu


ance ties

t also in third-party markets, and strengt▓hen joint research and development on nuclear base and high-tech techn

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  2. Xi said, adding that the c▓onsensu
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ologies.Xi said he hoped the new cooperati▓on in aviation, aerospace and other fields could be well implemented."We should expand the opening

tate visit to France

up of the tw▓o-way markets. China is willing to expand two-way trade and investment with France, improve trade and investment liberalization, and jointly uphold market rules and the pr▓inciple of fair competition," Xi said.He said he hoped that France will put into action its words of not adopting discr▓iminatory policies against China."China is willing to impo▓rt more high-quality and safe French agri-food products and carry out all-round agricultural cooperation in acc▓ordance with market demand," Xi said, noting that m▓ore efforts should be made to strengthen exchanges and coope▓ration in the intellectual property rights field and suppo▓rt the early conclusion of an ambitious and balanced China-▓European Union (EU) investment agreement.Regarding the alig▓nment of the Belt and Road In

in ▓March.Citing

itiative (BRI) with the EU'▓s Euro-Asian connectivity strategy, Xi called for spe▓edy implementation of the agreed demonstration pro▓jects, and the promotion of more enterprises to participate ▓in the third-party market, and the green development of the Belt and Road.Xi said China and France should inten▓sify cooperation on innovat

list of the second batch of industr ial cooperation projects.T he Chinese governmen t has just s uccessfully issued  4 billion euro-denominate d sovereig n bonds in Par is. T▓he two countrie s have also comple ted negotiatio ns on an agr eement of geograph ical indications between China a▓nd E urope.Xi express ed his hope that 武邑县wap 威海市wap 嵩明县5G 新郑市5G 龙泉市5G 新乐市5G 洛阳市5G 正安县5G 北流市5G 阿城市wap 乡宁县wap 怀宁县wap 卢氏县5G 永定县5G 寻甸回族自治县wap 延寿县wap 大庆市5G 永城市5G 连云港市5G 玉溪市wap 传奇私服冰雪版本网站 好玩的传奇私服人气高 新开电信合击传奇私服 传奇私服战士加属性点 传奇私服怎么充钱 1.80暴风合击传奇私服 传奇私服人气服 传奇私服合集版 网通传奇私服网站那个好 传奇私服dbc设置